How it works

Buy a square for $100

We'll send you your lucky numbers before the big game.

Add suspense to game day

At the start of each quarter you'll have two numbers to watch for. If the score ends in your numbers, you'll win some cash.

Win some cash!

Odds of winning are about 1 in 5, and you could win over $1,000-while helping raise money for charity!

Details on scoring

  • Your numbers change each quarter so your odds of winning greatly increases.
  • Each person gets eight numbers.
  • $500 paid on starting score of each quarter-whoever has 0/0 at the start of the game wins $500.

  • $1,000 is paid on the winning score.

  • $200 is paid on each score change. i.e. Touchdown is going to pay on the 6 and again on the 7 with the extra point.

Numbers will be pulled prior to the game and emailed to everyone.

Past Winnings

With this scoring, this is how many people won in 2020:

20 winners in 2020

$6,000 in payouts


Get your 2022 squares now!



In the very unlikely event that there are so many point scored that the payout is more than the total amount collected, the payouts will be capped for score changes. This is not likely, but since this is a volunteer run fund raiser for charity, we have to disclose a cap on payouts.