Got Musical Instruments?

Posted by James Olvera on Nov 01, 2012

Got Musical Instruments?...


... that are old and you are willing to donate? The Rotary Club of Carpentersville-Morning is teaming up with the District 300 Foundation to get the word out about their ongoing Instrument Drive dedicated to provide local students the opportunity to have access to musical instruments that normally would not be available...

...Even if the instrument is in need of repair the District 300 Foundation will take care of the expenses in order for the students to use them. To date the Foundation has collected and repaired over 35 instruments that are currently in use by students at Carpentersville Middle School & Lakewood.

Any musical instrument donated is put into an instrument library where students can check them out as needed just like they would in a normal library. For students who can't afford to purchase or rent an instrument this is a great way to give them free access to instruments they otherwise could not afford.

Feel free to pass on the information to anyone you think may help. Anyone able to donate please contact Diane Magerko @ to coordinate the donation.