Cost to be Member of Rotary??


ImageWhen anyone ever inquires about Rotary the usual first question is "What is Rotary?". After that is explained the second question usually is "Does it cost anything to be a member?" The answers is YES! Every Rotary Club has dues and each club is different...


...As part of the makeup of the Rotary International Organization each club is required to pay a certain amount per each member annually which covers operation costs and a subscription to the Rotarian magazine. Add to that the additional cost of the meeting place and potential meal at every meeting. In short membership costs vary from $100 to $200  paid quarterly depending on the individual club. 

We know that paying this amount every 3 months can be a burden to people who would like to be pat of a club but are unable to make that much of a financial commitment. We are happy to announce a drastic change in our due structure to give people who want to be a part of the club but are not able to pay that much out of pocket.

As of January 1, 2013 our due structure is as fallows:

A general membership is $50 paid quarterly and does not include meal costs - ($200 annually)

A inclusive/corporate membership is $190 paid quarterly and includes meal costs - ($760 annually)   

General members are not excluded from having a meal they would just pay it individually rather than include it on the club bill. This new structure gives those who would like to be a part of our club a great opportunity to do so at a much reduced rate and have every opportunity to be included in everything we do to serve others!

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