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The Rotary Club of Carpentersville-Morning

Carpentersville Morning

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
200 Springhill Dr.
Carpentersville, IL  60110
United States
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Enjoy great live music and supporting a great local service organization? We have the event for you! Sunday April 19, 2015 we will be hosting the Jazz Consortium Big Band at the Elgin Community College Art theater. Visit our JAZZ page for full event information, ticket purchasing, and information on how to sponsor a local band student to attend!

After a few visits and seeing what our club is all about we were excited to hear that a former friend of the club has decided to become an official member. We are very excited to welcome our newest club Member Dave Nutt who was presented to the club on January 14, 2015! There is definite strength in numbers and his addition will increase our might and make us that much more better! Welcome to the club Dave!

Here is our very own Tina Curtis with Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang and his lovely wife during his recent visit to the Chicago land are in early January

The finishing touches have been made with a few personal details that have been added by Jose and his family and the super adobe build we started last April will be near complete. Our partner in crime Wayne Prindiville from the Build a Dream Organization will be taking a trip there later this month to visit the family and get their personal opinion about the new structure. We are hoping for a good report so we can continue to move forward with this program and constructing new super adobes for the other families in the community of El Vaquero, SLP, Mexico! Check out the latest pictures in the Jose Santos Photo Album and see the family happily showing their gratitude for their new home!

2014 is behind us and 2015 is only just beginning! As our club develops year after year we are starting to find the groove of our monthly activity schedule which has helps us know what to expect and prepare for throughout the year. With our solid core knowledge from our 6 years as a club we have the confidence to continue our activities into the new year knowing they will once again be successful! Of course none of this is possible without the help of all our supporters and our dedicated members who put in the many hours to keep this club going. It is all worth it in the end as each and every one of us are humbled and spiritually fulfilled by the people we help! So.... Here is what to expect in the year ahead:

With well over 200 people in attendance our 2nd annual Free Holiday Movie event was another success. Many children and their families got to enjoy a visit with Santa, a few holiday crafts, some reindeer games and a classic holiday comedy on the big screen. The holiday spirit was definitely in the air and the mornings activities was capped off with a classic holiday treat for all to enjoy as they headed out to continue on with their holiday season.
We want to thank the Cinema for giving us this opportunity, all club members for volunteering, the Children's Home & Aid Tom Thumb Child Care Community Center for providing the crafts and of course for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with the children and their families. We will see you all next year!! Check out all the pictures in the 2014 Free Holiday Movie Photo Album!

An idea only a few months back to a reality just last night... our holiday dinner at the Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township Paul Knox Teen Center was a big success. With plenty of food and sweets to go around and plenty of hungry young adults, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the company of others. By the end of the evening we were all pretty full and satisfied and thankful for the opportunity that was right in front of us.
We want to wish the entire Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous 2015!

With current temperatures that are typical for mid January and early February not many of us were expecting it to be this cold this fast! Being caught off guard our preparation is not the best leaving us to scramble around just to make do! Unfortunately this is the situation for a lot of young parents who are doing what they can to make sure their child stays warm and is able to properly attend school during the cold season!
This is where we and our 6th Annual Operation Warm event step in to try and relieve some of the burden these parents face preparing their child for the winter season. For our 6th year in a row we worked with the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township to determine a select group of children throughout the grade schools in the Carpentersville community who would benefit the most from receiving a new warm winter coat. We also work with School District 300 and supply them with an allotted amount to have on retainer and distribute as they see fit!
Once again we are very happy to say that it was a big success! Visiting 5 school locations and distributing to the school district itself we successfully completed our 6th annual event which again came at a perfect time with the below freezing temperatures we are currently enduring! Each child receiving a new coat has 1 less thing to worry about when considering staying warm going to and from school which is a big driving factor for us to continue the work we do!
View the 2014 Photo album and see all the happy faces of everyone involved! Thanks to everyone who helped out and contributed to this years event and made it another successful year!!

For most of us living in the Fox valley area we rarely think twice about our actions affecting the Fox River Water way that runs through the center of our individual towns. Little do we know that a lot of our day to day actions affect the water way in some way or another!! This general lack of knowledge is what contributes to the deterioration of the quality of the FOX river but with simple education we can continue to highlight it as a center point of our communities.
Gary Swick and his Friends of the Fox Organization is dedicated to educating communities about caring for the water way in addition to providing opportunities for hands on projects that directly have a positive effect on the Fox River Water way! At a recent presentation to our club Gary discussed the current quality and history/need for his organization. As a dedicated individual Gary and his Organization have dedicated a lot of time and effort ensuring and improving the water quality of the Fox River. To learn more about the organization and ways you can help visit their site at:

The start of a beautiful autumn day as we entertained over 150 children and their families with our FREE Halloween Movie event on Saturday October 25 at Cinema 12 in Carpentersville.
As soon as the children walked through the door they were quickly greeted by a life size Scooby Doo and escorted to the crafts and games both our club and the Tom Thumb Community Center had provided to entertain the masses. From making ghosts and pumpkins, to fishing for treats the children and their families seemed very well entertained and excited about the Halloween holiday.
We want to thank all our club members who came out and contributed, the Tom Thumb Community Center for providing arts and crafts, and the Cinema for giving us this opportunity to provide such a fun event for the children in the community. Check out all the great photos in the 2014 Free Halloween Movie Photo Album. Check back this December as we will be back at it with a free holiday movie event.... more information to follow. 

Another successful year at the Carpentersville Community Oktoberfest selling delicious Hot Chocolate on a brisk autumn day! Thank you to all the members and volunteers who contributed and came out and made it another successful event and help raise money for our charitable efforts. It was a great day with a lot of people in attendance.


We did it again! It is hard to believe that we have successfully completed our 5th Annual Pub Crawl Event and it was a BIG SUCCESS! Of course we could not have done it without the help from everyone involved! Ranging from the supporting bars down to our club members and volunteers and everyone else in between. Thank You All for making it another great year! 

A good amount of money was raised that day which goes towards many of the great causes our organization supports and will help a lot of people in need both near and far! Check out all the Great Pictures in this years event photo album. We will be back at it again next year as we plan our 6th annual event. Thanks Again for all your support and we will see you next year!




We did it! We successfully completed our 2nd Annual RaceWay 5K Fun Run & Walk! Way to go team!

Thanks to all our sponsor who helped make it a successful event for the 2nd year in a row! Thanks to all the runners who came back out to endure this challenging course. Thank You to all of our volunteers who got up extra early to organize and run the event! Thanks to community and county property owners for allow us to host this event on this historical and beautiful course! Thanks for all the support from the Village of Carpentersville. Thanks to the Jr. Charger Cheerleaders who were so cute and did an awesome job motivating the runners! THANK YOU TO ALL!

We could not have done it without all of your donations, help and support!! Congratulations to all of this years winners and all the runners in general for taking on this historic and tough track!

Full results available on the race website:! Keep us in mind for your race calendar next year because we will be back. Check out all 350 event Photos in the 2014 RaceWay 5K photo Album!



ImageWhen anyone ever inquires about Rotary the usual first question is "What is Rotary?". After that is explained the second question usually is "Does it cost anything to be a member?" The answers is YES! Every Rotary Club has dues and each club is different.

As part of the makeup of the Rotary International Organization each club is required to pay a certain amount per each member annually which covers operation costs and a subscription to the Rotarian magazine. Add to that the additional cost of the meeting place and potential meal at every meeting. In short membership costs vary from $100 to $200  paid quarterly depending on the individual club. 

We know that paying this amount every 3 months can be a burden to people who would like to be pat of a club but are unable to make that much of a financial commitment. We are happy to announce a drastic change in our due structure to give people who want to be a part of the club but are not able to pay that much out of pocket.


Got Musical Instruments?...


... that are old and you are willing to donate? The Rotary Club of Carpentersville-Morning is teaming up with the District 300 Foundation to get the word out about their ongoing Instrument Drive dedicated to provide local students the opportunity to have access to musical instruments that normally would not be available. Even if the instrument is in need of repair the District 300 Foundation will take care of the expenses in order for the students to use them. To date the Foundation has collected and repaired over 35 instruments that are currently in use by students at Carpentersville Middle School & Lakewood.

Any musical instrument donated is put into an instrument library where students can check them out as needed just like they would in a normal library. For students who can't afford to purchase or rent an instrument this is a great way to give them free access to instruments they otherwise could not afford.

Feel free to pass on the information to anyone you think may help. Anyone able to donate please contact Diane Magerko @ to coordinate the donation. 



Carpentersville Rotary is always open to welcoming new speakers to our weekly meetings. Anyone with interest please let us know so we can schedule a time and date. If you know of anybody who would be willing to speak please let us know also. It is always nice to learn something new as well as meet a new person which is what any new speaker will bring to our club. Generally we have speakers at least twice a month and anyone asked to speak is given a 30 minute window during are weekly meetings to present themselves to the club, meet with the members, and enjoy a good breakfast!



We are always welcoming new and prospective members!



Feb 25, 2015
NO Weekly Meeting
Due To Volunteer Day @ Fish Food Pantry

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