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The Rotary Club of Carpentersville-Morning

Carpentersville Morning

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
200 Springhill Dr.
Carpentersville, IL  60110
United States
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FREE to all children and their families! Saturday October 25th at Cinema 12 in Carpentersville. Doors open at 9 am for Pre-Movie Halloween activities which include crafts, games & scary creatures!! The show starts at 10 am and will feature the Scooby Doo Movie!! Goodie bags for children 12 and younger after the movies while supplies last. 



Another successful year at the Carpentersville Community Oktoberfest selling delicious Hot Chocolate on a brisk autumn day! Thank you to all the members and volunteers who contributed and came out and made it another successful event and help raise money for our charitable efforts. It was a great day with a lot of people in attendance.

Week 6 is in the bag! Only 2 weeks of the regular season left with tournament time right around the corner. Time is flying by fast as the 1st annual fall league is nearing an end! Still a lot of fun to be had and memories to create! Week 7 is this Sunday... same Kickball Time.. Same Kickball Place!!


ImageHow many times have you wished you could have been more educated before making a big decision like buying a house? Knowing what it takes to be a homeowner, the financial commit and management needed, the responsibilities you have to your house and your community?! Anyone new to the entire experience can become overwhelmed very quickly.

Who knew there were services and organizations out there like Neighborhood Housing Services of the Fox Valley whose main goal is to educate the average person, guide them in the right direction and lead them into successful home ownership! Just like anything else you don't really know what's there until you start looking for it.

Recently Mary Lu Seidel from the NHS Fox Valley came and spoke to our club about the programs they offer to help lessen the burden and manage the responsibilities of homeownership. Individuals are welcome to try and utilize the programs and financial opportunities they have to offer to put yourself in a better position to maintain and retain possession of your home dwelling! Visit their site for more information opportunities:



We did it again! It is hard to believe that we have successfully completed our 5th Annual Pub Crawl Event and it was a BIG SUCCESS! Of course we could not have done it without the help from everyone involved! Ranging from the supporting bars down to our club members and volunteers and everyone else in between. Thank You All for making it another great year! 

A good amount of money was raised that day which goes towards many of the great causes our organization supports and will help a lot of people in need both near and far! Check out all the Great Pictures in this years event photo album. We will be back at it again next year as we plan our 6th annual event. Thanks Again for all your support and we will see you next year!




We did it! We successfully completed our 2nd Annual RaceWay 5K Fun Run & Walk! Way to go team!

Thanks to all our sponsor who helped make it a successful event for the 2nd year in a row! Thanks to all the runners who came back out to endure this challenging course. Thank You to all of our volunteers who got up extra early to organize and run the event! Thanks to community and county property owners for allow us to host this event on this historical and beautiful course! Thanks for all the support from the Village of Carpentersville. Thanks to the Jr. Charger Cheerleaders who were so cute and did an awesome job motivating the runners! THANK YOU TO ALL!

We could not have done it without all of your donations, help and support!! Congratulations to all of this years winners and all the runners in general for taking on this historic and tough track!

Full results available on the race website:! Keep us in mind for your race calendar next year because we will be back. Check out all 350 event Photos in the 2014 RaceWay 5K photo Album!



It was a little unfortunate her presentation was limited to a half an hour time slot because we probably could have sat and listened to Sandy Sullivan's stories of her life working with the Green Bay Packers all day! Each of our members were very well entertained by her ability to share her life experiences in a way where we felt we were there first hand. Very personable, funny, witty and one of better presentation all of us could have enjoyed... Even though she is a true Packer fan!!

The great thing about wanting to hear more about her life experiences is that most of it is available in the book she wrote titled "Green Bay Lover Stories and Other Affairs" which if is as entertaining as her presentation we know it must be a good book to read! Thank you Sandy for sharing your stories and allowing us to relive your first hand experiences! Get your own copy of her book here: Green Bay Love Stories & Other Affairs




ImageOur annual visit with the District Governor has came and passed and we are better Rotarians for it! Any time we get a visit from the District Governor it is always an educational and motivational visit. As we are analyzed by our current club status and critiqued on our typical Rotary behaviors. All of which helps us become a better local Rotary group and better represent the entire Rotary Organization.

Light Up Rotary! Showcase our inner beauty and strengths! Be proud of the things we accomplish. Know that the our monetary contributions helps so many people throughout the world and not just in our home town! We are Rotary! Service Above Self! Proud and true to everything that we do!

Thank You Governor Ellen for enlightening us and motivating us to succeed in the 2014-15 Rotary Year!



New Pictures of the progress have been added to the Jose Santos photo album! Check it out to see the latest and greatest with the progress!

Since our last update a lot of progress has been made! The children have completed their school year and came back to help Jose and his family bring the house near completion. It bring us great pleasure to see the dedication these students have helping each other out in their close knit community. View the progress through the photos I still feel like I am there helping with the final stages of the build.

The floors have been poured and the walls are near complete. Before you know they will be able to take residence in the house and utilize it for all it has to offer. We are very excited it is near completion which is deeply encouraging for next years build. Check out all the rest of the latest pictures in the Jose Santos photo album.  



Another Year another successful School Supplies Drive! Each of our members reached into their own pockets and helped purchase new school supplies to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township. Club President Elect Amalia Woolf, who is also the Vice President of Program Services for the Boys and girls Club of Dundee Township, was on hand to receive the donations to distribute later to children who are most in need that will be enrolling in their programing for the upcoming 2014-15 school year. Well over 200 items will make their way to these children and provide them with the basic essentials they need to succeed! Thanks Again to all members who donated and lets do it again next year!

We want to wish all students locally and world wide a successful and safe new school year and may they stay in good health and prosper as our future generation!




ImageHaving the opportunity to suddenly make a decision to stop your normal day to day activities and decide to take a trip around the globe usually does not present itself, but it did for Annette Jahnel! Hailing from South Africa she made the decision to give up her good life as an artist and photographer to take a journey around the globe on a quest to communicate with middle aged men from various parts of the world and discover their general views in life. What she discovers is that typical men, regardless of where they are from, generally want the same thing!

ImageThrough various quotes she had written on her traveling vehicle by all the men she came into contact with during her 1 year trip around the world she discovered that a lot of men are like "Beauty Queens" and strive for world peace, feeding the hungry and respect for one another! Annette has a great presentation that she is willto share with anybody is willing to listen. To learn more about her, how to schedule her as a speaker, her book "My Year of Beds" and her current book in progress "Searching for Galileo" click on the picture to visit her site!



It is sad to say our inaugural KickBall Konfederation Co-Ed Kickball League is officially over! After 8 weeks of the fun regular season we battled it out during championship week and we are proud to announce our inaugural champions the Dill Kicklz! Facing the CVillains for the final match they battled it out through 11 innings of intense play and came out victorious with 1 out remaining in the bottom of the inning!

It was a great time had by all and adding the the nights excitement was the free nachos and last official game night after party at Dylan's Pub in West Dundee. Congratulations again and thanks for all the support! We will definitely do it again next year and possibly in the fall as there was some interest generated ant the finale of the summer season! Check out all the great pics in the 2014 KickBall Konfederation League photo album.




ImageImageWe recently had 2 surprise guests attend our meeting who came to the club with information about a Little Free Library they have established. For those of you who don't know what a little free library is visit the link here. Currently they have a dire need for Spanish children's books as these seem to be the books that are checked out but rarely returned. As adults we all know how important reading is and there are plenty of statistics that back it up. During summer time children are more concerned with relaxing versus worrying about continue to learn. In some cases they just lack the resources to acquire educational material to continue learning while there on a break from the school year. Little Free Libraries like theirs provides a resource  to learn and is only possible through the volunteers like them and donations from supporting organizations.

Like mentioned above Spanish Children's books are in dire need and any donation will be much appreciated. Feel Free to pass along the information and anybody that can help can contact Robin Ross via her email:



Congratulations to the 3 lucky young ladies Vanessa, Carla & Haley who are the recipients of this years Carpentersville Rotary Jim Krenz Memorial scholarship. Getting the chance to meet these beautiful young ladies, it is very clear to see that they have what it takes to make a difference in this world and if they stay on track with what they plan to accomplish success is definitely in their future. Special thanks to Krenz family for thier contributions and last minute gift increase the scholarship amounts for the well deserving young ladies!





ImageWeek 2: I was back home and back to my normal schedule but the work was still progressing. This week we had to hire local laborers to do the work as the volunteer students all went back to school and could no longer help on the jobsite. At first we did not think we would have the workers we needed but word got out and workers showed up more than willing to work. Wayne and Ulises both stayed on site that week to ensure the progress with the construction. 

This week the Super Adobe Vault style house was finally starting to take shape as the roofs were formed, the floor was formed, electrical put in place and walls were stuccoed and painted. By the end of the week the windows and doors were on sit to be put in place and additional bags were on hand to finish forming the exterior houses.

The hired workers did their best to get the house to a point where Alvaro (father of the family receiving the house) could finish the rest to his liking to officially make the house theirs. Upon Wayne's return home after that week of work we met for lunch to discuss the project in detail. He brought a gift the children of the school had made for me which I humbly accepted. One last gift he was able to provide was the discussion we had about the appreciation shown by Alvaro and his family shown on Wayne's final day down there. Wayne described him as almost coming to tears for being so appreciative of the work we had done and new housing we had provided for his family even though we are stranger from another country!

ImageGetting to know the family and people in general was a very humbling experience that one can only expect to experience by seeing it first hand! The thought never came across my mind that I would ever be part of a project like this but I am very grateful for the experience. Our plan is to continue the work and continue building similar houses for the families in this community year after year. In addition to that our goal over the next year is to provide a water well for this community because it is desperately needed and in their words "Agua Es Vida"... Water Is Life! With water they can do anything!

Check out all the build pictures in the Jose Santos photo album!


Almost a year has passed since we first met Wayne and Fred from the Build A Dream Organization and ever since our initial interaction our club has been trying to figure out a way to work together to help assist with the work they are doing in the rural town of El Vaquero, Mexico.  Now we are happy to say that a plan is in motion and we are on our way to what will hopefully become a sustainable project for years to come.

Check out this great article written by Carpentersville community columinist Erin Sauder from the Courier News

(Here you see President Elect James Olvera present Fred Neuschel from the Build a Dream Organization with a check of $3,000 for the cost of the construction of 1 dome house for a family in need in the rural town of El Vaquero, Mexico)



ImageWhen anyone ever inquires about Rotary the usual first question is "What is Rotary?". After that is explained the second question usually is "Does it cost anything to be a member?" The answers is YES! Every Rotary Club has dues and each club is different.

As part of the makeup of the Rotary International Organization each club is required to pay a certain amount per each member annually which covers operation costs and a subscription to the Rotarian magazine. Add to that the additional cost of the meeting place and potential meal at every meeting. In short membership costs vary from $100 to $200  paid quarterly depending on the individual club. 

We know that paying this amount every 3 months can be a burden to people who would like to be pat of a club but are unable to make that much of a financial commitment. We are happy to announce a drastic change in our due structure to give people who want to be a part of the club but are not able to pay that much out of pocket.


Got Musical Instruments?...


... that are old and you are willing to donate? The Rotary Club of Carpentersville-Morning is teaming up with the District 300 Foundation to get the word out about their ongoing Instrument Drive dedicated to provide local students the opportunity to have access to musical instruments that normally would not be available. Even if the instrument is in need of repair the District 300 Foundation will take care of the expenses in order for the students to use them. To date the Foundation has collected and repaired over 35 instruments that are currently in use by students at Carpentersville Middle School & Lakewood.

Any musical instrument donated is put into an instrument library where students can check them out as needed just like they would in a normal library. For students who can't afford to purchase or rent an instrument this is a great way to give them free access to instruments they otherwise could not afford.

Feel free to pass on the information to anyone you think may help. Anyone able to donate please contact Diane Magerko @ to coordinate the donation. 



Carpentersville Rotary is always open to welcoming new speakers to our weekly meetings. Anyone with interest please let us know so we can schedule a time and date. If you know of anybody who would be willing to speak please let us know also. It is always nice to learn something new as well as meet a new person which is what any new speaker will bring to our club. Generally we have speakers at least twice a month and anyone asked to speak is given a 30 minute window during are weekly meetings to present themselves to the club, meet with the members, and enjoy a good breakfast!



We are always welcoming new and prospective members!


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